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Scottsdale CPA Advisory, Accounting, and Tax Services

Welcome to Cilliers, CPA, PLLC. We are an innovative CPA firm serving business owners, executives, and independent professionals in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our value proposition is to deliver the accounting, payroll, and tax services our clients’ require so they can focus on what they do best--operating their businesses.

We start each client relationship by understanding our clients’ goals and needs. In identifying these needs, we have learned that business owners frequently find themselves lacking the information to make effective accounting decisions. We see this as a major obstacle to business owners realizing their venture’s full potential. Our passion for helping others realize their potential, by removing this obstacle, was a key factor in our decision to launch our firm.

Advisory Services

Our advisory services are built for the kind of cost-effective and responsive assistance that businesses and individuals need in today’s culture and economy. We understand the decisions new business owners must make, the policies they must establish, and the activities they must complete in order to take that next step. Whether it’s selecting the optimal organization structure, developing scalable business processes, or creating purpose-specific deliverables, we have the expertise to address our clients’ needs.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

The cornerstone of our value proposition is an innovative solution we call Accounting SquadTM.  Through this turnkey package of services, we convert transaction data into actionable information which can be used for data-driven decision making. Our clients have found this solution to be scalable to meet their individual budgets and needs.

Payroll Services

We understand that motivated employees make greater contributions to the achievement of a company’s goals. An environment where employees aren’t paid on time or their pay is incorrect creates a significant obstacle to employee productivity and motivation. We help our clients’ process payroll quickly and accurately. We also help our clients avoid payroll tax penalties by delivering a consistent, reliable process for payroll management.

Business and Individual Tax Services in Scottsdale

Life’s major decisions usually have tax implications. Our tax return specialists apply their knowledge and experience with current tax laws to prepare tax returns that accurately capture those decisions, identify elections and deductions, and legally minimize tax liabilities. We frequently deliver valuable tax savings suggestions that an off-the-shelf software program can't anticipate. We also help individuals evaluate their options for minimizing the tax impact of infrequent transactions such as buying or selling real estate, exercising stock options, retirement planning, or gift and estate planning.

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